Our Program

We offer programs for children ranging from 6 weeks to 10 years old. Our theme based curriculum, "Learn Every Day," offers the flexibility to meet individual needs of a wonderfully, wide variety of children.  If you have any questions about these programs, please feel free to contact us.


Our infant area provides the highest quality care in an environment that is designed with the parent and child in mind. While in our care, the children are stimulated through music, exercise, blanket time, facial and verbal mimicking as well as lots of hugs.


At this age, children are meeting new challenges as fast as they come. Crawling, walking, and eventually running, are accomplished in what seems like a blink of an eye. Children learn best when they are in a safe and stimulating environment. Music, stories, outdoor play, and learning activities fill the day. Our caregivers are dedicated in helping each child develop these skills through a trusting and loving relationship. A parental daily report is given to update each family on meal times, nap times, toilet training and all activities accomplished each day.


A good preschool can make a difference in a child's future school years. Franklyn Learning Center offers individual programs for children to help them learn in an environment that is stress free and fun. Some learning centers our preschoolers explore are music, science, math, language arts and manipulative play.

Franklyn Learning Center has been an approved VPK (Volunteer Prekindergarten) provider since the inception of Florida's program.   Our students have successfully entered kindergarten prepared and eager to learn.  Children that are Florida residents and are age 4 years on September 1st of the current school year are eligible for FREE TUITION for the program.      


As children get older and more independent, they need new challenges. That’s why we offer a school-age program for before and after school care and enrichment programs that address the changing and more varied needs of growing school-age children. Reading, math, and science activities ensure that your child's mind is engaged and help create a lifelong love of learning and exploration.